Please click here to view the STUFFED press pack Kim and Jack are trying for a baby. Trying pretty hard. Their friends are having kids left, right and centre. A small army of doctors offer well-meaning advice but no actual answers. And nobody’s getting any younger… But the further they go, the more they start... Continue Reading →


Red Squash Theatre presents a comedic reinvention of the Scottish play. Macbeeth is considering killing the King.  Lady Macbeeth is over-excited.  The King is blissfully unaware, and there are too many Thanes to count. Watch the drama unfold in an hour-long, altogether lighter take on one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies. *95% actual Shakespeare. At... Continue Reading →

"I tried to help you.. I found you in that room, your head keeping time against the concrete wall. There were so many like you, so many, a hundred clocks beating the seconds, each body a conflict zone." When Beth comes to help Dr Haynes cope with the fallout from a disastrous mission in Haiti,... Continue Reading →

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